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Default Re: USA Presidential Election

Well the only logical choice is Obama, if you're talking about the lesser of two evils. The thing is, we don't know what Romney would do outside of him being corporatist, and right now it's better to take the candidate that is more predictable than one that isn't. Obama isn't a good candidate due to him having issues like continuing warantless wiretapping, signing indefinite detention to US citizens, and promoting drone strikes on US citizens in foreign soil. Romney is NOT going to change any of that anyway, so it's not like voting him would fix any of these issues.

However, Obama is a positive influence on health care. Florida is definitely going Obama's way because senior citizens are seeing an improvement in their health care in the past year. While I am a staunch defender of the single payer policy (i.e. cutting out the middle man, the insurance companies), I can see Romney further strengthening the inusrance companies if he is in office.

Neither candidates would do much for the economy. Simply speaking, there just isn't a way for either of the two plans to do anything. Romney's tax cutting plans is the exact same plan as the Republican plans for the past 50 years. It hasn't worked. Obama's plans for increasing taxes on the rich isn't going to work because he's not going to implement it, so again that's not going to help. I VERY much doubt that he will even let the Bush tax cuts expire.

Oil prices: neither candidate seem to remember that 100% of the time it doesn't matter what the president does. It's speculation that has been jacking up oil prices in the past several years. It is more likely that it's Obama that doesn't realize it and Romney is intentionally hiding it.

Deficit: Obama's budget plan makes more sense than Romney. Well, just having a plan by itself would beat Romney's complete lack of having a plan. When Romney states that he can cut taxes by 20% everywhere and then be revenue neutral, that is a lie. Neither him nor Ryan can actually state how much it would cost to cut 20% across the board and how they can balance revenue afterwards by closing loopholes. In fact, they have yet to make a statement about which loopholes to close. I can see Romney ramping up the deficit even faster than Obama does, to which Obama has in fact slowed the deficit growth by 50% in the past 4 years.
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