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Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post
...Well, that's not creepy at all.

After seeing the light for the umpteenth time, I finally stopped and stared into the forest.

"Um... Are you guys seeing that, too?" I asked cautiously. I wasn't going crazy, was I?

"Char..." I felt Char shudder. Freya cooed softly on my shoulder.

The three of us stared in silence a moment longer.

"Er... Right," I finally straightened. "So I think we all agree to move on as quickly as possible--and NOT investigate the creepy light."



The two simultaneously agreed. Sharply turning away, we continued down the path at a pace quicker than before. Before we got to far, though, I noticed a missing member of the party.

"Are you coming, Critter?" I turned around to look for the Roggenrola.

The rock creature was staring into the darkness curiously. Curiously. Dude, the thing didn't even seem scared. What a strange Pokemon...

To my utter dismay, Critter suddenly let out a cheery rattling sound and skipped off the path--right towards where the light went.

"Critter!" I yelled at him. "Critter, no! Come back here!"

Critter, of course, ignored me and disappeared from sight.

"Aiyah," I bemoaned. "That rock's gonna be the death of me..."

Bracing myself for the worst, I followed after my Pokemon...
Official's Post:

Critter seems to be gone. You run down the path until you here a little rattle. You see dark eyes red eyes, and hear a frantic Roggenrola. You scream out. It seems Critter has been abducted by another Pokemon!

A wild HootHoot has captured Critter! Battle it to release Critter, or catch it if you want!
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