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Default Re: 649 Things You Didn't Know About Pokemon!

#36: ash was actually supposed to travel with jiggilypuff, but it was changed to pikachu to appeal more to the mothers of young female viewers (japan lol)

#37: the skin color of jynx was changed from pitch black to dark purple for the wii release of pokemon snap

#38: in humilau city, there is a lass standing at the end of the bridge gazing at the sea, then interacted with, she will say ``this dress is comfy and easy to wear´´ this is a reference to gen 1 where a youngster came with the famous phrase ``i like shorts, they are comfy and easy to wear´´

#39: there are no gym leaders who do not have a secondary occupation (if you do not count iris)

#40: if you insert a copy of gold/silver/crystal into a gameboy, it will come with an error message saying:``this game is intended to be played on a game boy color only)

#41: village bridge is based off a real life inhabitable bridge in italy

#42: there was supposed to be an option to choose your player character in red/green, but it was crapped, most likely due to harnesses in development, this option made it to pokemon crystal and has been in every pokemon game since, where you choose to play as a boy or girl

43: the 3rd most recognized character in the world is pikachu, 2nd being mickey mouse, and 1st being mario
google translate lol
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