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Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonites: Darkest Path

Kai the Elf (NPC)
Market Street, Southport
ARPers: Eternal Moonlight
Kai smiled and brightened up upon hearing the question. "Kai knows!" she replied, oblivious to the other woman's distant tone. "Kai is friends with the owner!" She then quickly got up and retrieved the chakram, or commonly known as a ring blade, and that was previously hidden from view. She she had her back turned a crossbow was shown to be strapped on her back. "Kai will show you where it is!" She then started to skip, literally skip, in the direction the tavern was, taking a narrow alley as a shortcut.
Surge the Houndoom
The Seventh Rose tavern, Southport
The Houndoom growled as he entered the tavern, not pleased at all. He wanted to know more about that merchant since he picked up the feral scent, but it was too risky to remain hidden any longer than he did. So he decided to hit up the new tavern and sample their fine brews. Okay, that was a lie. He wanted to strongest ale they had to offer. He also failed to find work currently, so he might as well spend some of the coin he had on something he enjoyed. He rarely needed the small metal pieces, but he did carry them in case he needed repairs to his armor or needed a strong drink. However when he entered The Seventh Rose he saw what was going on. He saw the almost frightened waiter and followed his gaze to the two women. That's all he cared to know at the moment and decided to make his way to the bar, knowing that soon enough the bartender would get out of his daze and serve him.
Vahn and Goku get directions by a friendly civilian and were able to find the tavern without complication. When they enter The Seventh Rose they are met with the sight of what appeared to be a fight frozen in time. If they looked to the staircase that lead to the second floor they would see the two women there, one looking rather disappointed and the other completely calm, as if focusing on something else. The second woman's hand was held out, a soft glow surrounding the appendage.

Sabi rolls 1d20 for her Perception (Wis) check. She rolls a 3, needing a 14 or under to pass.

As Arima looked at the women, she was able to pick on quite a bit of detail being on the other end of the tavern. She noticed that the younger woman's hand was glowing a dark orange, and if she looked closely at the two who were previously fighting she'd see a faint symbol below them that was the same color. The older, redheaded woman was quite pale, more so than the blonde. She also noticed that some of the wait staff were almost shaking, fearful at the redhead's glare. However the distance between her and the two women made it difficult to pick up on any other appearance details.

Velocity rolls 1d20 for her Perception (Wis) check. She rolls a 3, needing a 10 or under to pass.

Othneil learns the same things Arima does.

narphoenix rolls 1d20 for his Perception (Wis) check. He rolls a 11, needing a 14 or under to pass.

Daniel only notices that when the redheaded woman would turn her gaze to one of her workers, that particular employee would almost visibly shake as long as her looked at them.

Kamikaze rolls 1d20 for his Perception (Wis) check. He rolls a 4, needing a 13 or under to pass.

Aldur learns the same things that Arima and Othneil learn, minus the similar colors between the blonde woman's hand and the symbol on the ground under the fighters.

Everyone in The Seventh Rose
After taking a moment to look over all of the staff, the red haired woman walked down the rest of the stairs. Her posture alone showed she was of high class, her aura demanding respect and attention. Even the bartender watched her carefully, completely ignoring any requests made to him.

"If no one is going to speak, I might have to do this the hard way."

"N-No need, madam!" one of the waiters quickly spoke. "These two g-gentlemen just had too much to drink a-and got into an argument."

"Which lead them into a full brawl in my establishment," the woman finished, getting a nod from the waiter. She sighed, turning up to the young blonde. "I would only expect that from our guild members, especially our berserker."

The blonde nodded slowly, her full concentration on the two brawlers. She saw her companion wave her hand at her, and when she saw this she lowered her hand. For those who noticed the symbol they now notice it disappeared as soon as the young woman dropped her hand. The two men instantly dropped to their knees. One was bigger than the other, more muscle, and scarred. It was clear he has seen many battles and came close to death more times than one. This was the man the redhead walked to. She knelt down to him, placing a finger under his chin and lifting his face up high enough so they made eye contact. He man at first had a snarl on his face, but when he gazed into her red eyes his expression changed to one of confusion, then fear. He saw something no one else in the room saw.

"Now then, be a good boy and leave my tavern. And take your friends as well. I will not tolerate this kind of behavior, so until you learn how to behave we will not accept your coin here."

The man couldn't run fast enough out of the building, his companions following shortly after, needing to double take the scene for they did not believe they just frightened the toughest member of their group. The other man got the same waring, though kinder, so he and his friends left more calmly. The blonde woman had joined the redhead on the main floor before the older of the two sighed.

"Everyone here gets a drink on the house! I would appreciate that you stay, enjoy your time, continue your business here."

There were a few cheers when she announced it, and the staff was not about to argue with when the drink orders flooded in.
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