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You continue along the dark path, warily keeping an eye out for any Pokemon. It would be so easy for something to follow you here... You force yourself not to turn around and look over your shoulder, after all, you're not paranoid right?

The sun slowly crawls higher into the sky, but it really makes no difference to you. In fact, you're starting to feel a little bit chilly. Every so often you notice that there seems to be some kind of light flashing through the trees. It probably wouldn't be noticeable in the sunlight, but it's so dark under here. More interestingly, it seems to be following you parallel to the path, getting neither closer nor further away. Hmm...
...Well, that's not creepy at all.

After seeing the light for the umpteenth time, I finally stopped and stared into the forest.

"Um... Are you guys seeing that, too?" I asked cautiously. I wasn't going crazy, was I?

"Char..." I felt Char shudder. Freya cooed softly on my shoulder.

The three of us stared in silence a moment longer.

"Er... Right," I finally straightened. "So I think we all agree to move on as quickly as possible--and NOT investigate the creepy light."



The two simultaneously agreed. Sharply turning away, we continued down the path at a pace quicker than before. Before we got to far, though, I noticed a missing member of the party.

"Are you coming, Critter?" I turned around to look for the Roggenrola.

The rock creature was staring into the darkness curiously. Curiously. Dude, the thing didn't even seem scared. What a strange Pokemon...

To my utter dismay, Critter suddenly let out a cheery rattling sound and skipped off the path--right towards where the light went.

"Critter!" I yelled at him. "Critter, no! Come back here!"

Critter, of course, ignored me and disappeared from sight.

"Aiyah," I bemoaned. "That rock's gonna be the death of me..."

Bracing myself for the worst, I followed after my Pokemon...

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