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Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
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"Tar!" Altaria cries, finally noticing you. It circles towards the ground and finally lands before you.

"Pi! Pichu!" the small mouse cries happily, jumping onto Altaria's back and bouncing on its soft wings.

Altaria bows to you and nuzzles your arm, thanking you for helping it and Pichu. Altaria is the guardian of this area of the forest and was trying to protect the other Pokemon by hiding them with Mist.

Pichu jumps off Altaria's back and lands on your shoulders. "Pi! Pichu!" it laughs.

It seems this little one might be happy to join you. You wonder if you should invite it along with you...
*Is this considered a capture? So I must wait a week to catch another Pokemon in Route 3 right?*

Trainer: Ilov Studdy
Currently: To invite or not to invite?

"Hahaha! Pichu, you want to join my team?" I ask the little mouse Pokemon
"Pichu!" The Pichu cheerfully nods her head. Altaria also smiles and hums in agreement.
"Okay then, I should get a new Pokeball for you!" I take out a Pokeball from my bag and throw it in a friendly manner at the Pichu...
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