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Originally Posted by Ilovstuddy View Post
Trainer: Ilov Studdy
Currently: Altaria!

I enter the forest with haste. Pichu is struggling to keep up with my speed. I try to search for the source of the smoke in the sky. Huh, is that? It is! A silhouette of a bird's shadow is just barely visible when seen from this angle of the forest. The clouds camouflaged perfectly with Altaria's wings.
"Altaria!" I shout at Altaria while trying to get below her shadow, see if my voice can reach her there.
Suddenly, I bump into someone with a lot of Pokemon accompanying him/her on the road.
"I'm sorry!" I hurriedly apologize while picking up my bag and run further in the forest.
"Altaria, I'm here!" I shout once again, trying to see if she can hear me now...
Official's Post

"Tar!" Altaria cries, finally noticing you. It circles towards the ground and finally lands before you.

"Pi! Pichu!" the small mouse cries happily, jumping onto Altaria's back and bouncing on its soft wings.

Altaria bows to you and nuzzles your arm, thanking you for helping it and Pichu. Altaria is the guardian of this area of the forest and was trying to protect the other Pokemon by hiding them with Mist.

Pichu jumps off Altaria's back and lands on your shoulders. "Pi! Pichu!" it laughs.

It seems this little one might be happy to join you. You wonder if you should invite it along with you...
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