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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (RP)

Kimahri Ronso
Cissinei's Yard
Link: Adrammelech
Affected RPer: Winter

Kimahri didn't expect to hear a scream the moment he burst through the bushes. In fact he didn't expect to encounter anything because usually around this time humans would be in their houses, and to his dreadful consternation he realized that he had just stumbled into the middle of a group of people and had frightened one of them. His ears flattened a little and he stood up to apologize to them, since he really did like humans, but the red-haired woman he instantly recognized as Cissinei beat him to it.

"Ah, Kimahri, what a surprise!" the young woman said, giving him a wide smile that immediately made him smile back.. "Is there anything you're looking for here, or are you just passing through? If you're looking to buy or trade, you'll most likely have to knock on doors to get people outside--we just had a rather nasty problem pop up, and the people are probably still holed up in their houses for the most part,” she gestured to the houses nearby, which he noticed were contrarily empty compared to this one.

He nodded and looked down at the one he had scared, a young, small girl that was hiding behind the human he remembered as Marten, one of the larger humans that he had ever seen, built like a Ronso except much smaller. He heard the man murmuring to the girl, comforting her, and he raised a big paw up in gesture of apology. "Kimahri sorry," he said, his deep voice rumbling from his chest in a purr. "It was...accidental that Kimahri came through your..." he paused as he tried to remember the word ""

Well, they at least didn't seem to be mad at him. He was about to go after saying a few more words of apology and goodbye, but something stopped him. Kimahri knew that Cissinei knew a lot of people in the town, being a leader type almost, and she was one of the main protectors. She had to know who came in and out of the town. "Cissinei," he said, turning back to her. "Kim--I am looking for someone, I need their help." He tried to think of what to say to her, words never came easily to him. "Strange things have been happening, strange occurences and strange dreams with voices in them... Kimahri does not know what they might mean, but Kimahri knows a man, named Auron, who might. Auron knows a great many things that most people do not, and he has been many places and is never far when strange and terrible things happen to this world. He wears a red cloak, and the right side of his face has big pink scar." He drew a line down his face with a claw to illustrate it, going over the eye and cheek. "Right eye shut, and other eye is yellow. He has a big sword too, but does not talk much. Have you perhaps seen him? Kimhari has a feeling it might be important."

A familiar voice said his name, and he turned to see a person he had not seen in years: Rikku. A smile instantly came across his face, which looked a lot more like a tiger baring its teeth than anything. "Rikku," he said in delight. "It is wonderful to see you again. Have you seen Auron recently?"
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