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Default Re: Recreating interest in stories for URPG

Originally Posted by Not Safe For Adults View Post
I'm sorry if this isn't supposed to be here, but I've noticed that for the past year or maybe longer, there have been barely any story submissions on the Pe2k side of the URPG. It is kind of saddening to me because I remember it used to be bustling with people who were excited about writing stories, and just about everyone wanted to be a grader. Now, things are almost at a standstill here, and I think it's time to change that before things completely shrivel up.

Unfortunately I can't really think of any revolutionary ways to make people want to write stories again. However I think if older members started posting some stories around here, even just short little things to catch Simple category Pokemon, activity might go up.

So I guess here is my lame call to action: everyone who still cares about URPG here on Pe2k (as I know that Bulbagarden still has some activity), please write a story and post it on this forum. It doesn't have to be big or take up a lot of your time, but I think doing this will help show regular members that the URPG is still here and in need of love.

Also, if any of you have suggestions about how to create interest, please post here. It would be great to hear everyone's suggestions.

Aaaand since it would be weird of me to do this without contributing anything myself, I've decided to start a little personal challenge. I'm going to try to catch every Pokemon, all 600 and whatever of them, via story captures. Yes that's ridiculous, and most likely impossible, but hopefully by watching me and my struggles somebody around here will get the urge to write. If you want to join me, that's even better.

Once again, sorry if this isn't supposed to be here, or if all of this is stupid, etc.
Story section is more active on our other branch, BMG Click if interested. That is an interesting goal, I am also trying to capture them all, but not just through stories though.
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