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Originally Posted by Ilovstuddy View Post
Trainer: Ilov Studdy
Currently: To the Pokemon Center!

"Phew! Thank God we arrived here before dusk!" I run as fast as I can into the town's Pokemon Center, holding the weakened mouse Pokemon in my arms.
I break open the door and enter the Pokemon Center. All the other trainers stare at me while I hand Pichu to Nurse Joy.
Few Minutes Later
"Pichu!" Pichu happily cry out as Nurse Joy exit from the back door with a hospital trolley.
"Thank You for being considerate to your Pokemon for bringing her here!" Nurse Joy pick Pichu up and hand her to me with a smile.
"Nah, she's not my Pokemon but I'm taking care of her for a friend of mine. Thank You Ms. Joy!" I reply back while cuddling the now-healthy Pichu.
"You're welcome! Please come back again!" Nurse Joy wave at me as I exit the building.
"So Pichu, should we meet up with Altaria?"
"Pich..." Pichu shakes her head in disagreement while pointing at a fishing shack in the corner of the river located just beside the bridge.
"Oh well. I guess Altaria have to wait a bit. Let's go fish some new Pokemon!" I hold Pichu up on my shoulders and run into the bottom of the bridge. I sit down on the rocky ground and pull out my old rod from my bag. Then, I tie some poffins to the Pokeball end of the rod and throw in into the water...
Official's Post

Something pulls on the rod! You pull back, dragging the Pokemon towards the shore. With one last heave, you pull a Goldeen out of the water.

Pichu jumps from your shoulder, small sparks flying from its cheeks. "Pi! Pichu!" it cries, looking back at you.

Wild Goldeen appeared! Write a paragraph about the battle if you want to catch it!
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