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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Johto: Gold Version (Open!)

After a while of walking around and finally figuring out what his Spinarak was doing, Damien sat down. His Pokemon had stopped pulling him around and returned to its pokeball. The thick haze obscured his vision and ruined the lighting, so he decided to just wait.
Damien: "How did that guy know we were even members of Tyrant. I know I certainly don't look the part." He examined his clothing which gave the impression that he should be vacationing on a tropical island, and not cascading through a darkened, hazey tower.
Damien: "Heck, even Markus isn't in uniform and he is the only one that has one. Could it possibly be those Chrome dudes back at Mr. Pokemon's? They may be here and could have spotted us from a distance, and alerted the old robed dudes, or the robed dudes are wizards afterall! That could be it, maybe they read our minds and knew! I have to tell the others my theory!"
Then he sighed.
Damien: "After I find them..."
He got up to look some more, but didn't go very far.
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