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Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Shuppet distracts Dusclops and you flee, knocking over bookshelves as you go. You finally stop running. Everything is quiet behind you.

Suddenly the librarian appears before you. His mouth is twitching angrily as he surveys the damage you've done to his books.

You watch him cautiously, wondering if he's a Dusclops or whether this is the real librarian... In his hand is the book you were reading earlier.

"To me. At once." He says sternly, not even looking at you.

Immediately Dusclops materialises next to the librarian. It shifts slowly into a Ralts, followed by Ariados and finally Klank. It then transforms into the librarian so that you are looking at two identical people. Well, except for their expressions. The real librarian looks furious. "Gastly, enough." he scowls.

The fake librarian transforms again, this time into a purple orb surrounded by some kind of gas. "Apologise to this young lady at once. You will then go and clean up all this mess you've caused," he says sternly.

"Gast, gastly, gastly," Gastly frowns and bows its head/body/orb. It floats right through you, laughing madly.

"Now go!" the librarian snaps. He now turns to you. "I fear Gastly has been up to its old tricks," he says slowly, his tone apologetic. "This Gastly likes to cause mischeif for trainers by creating illusions, this is its favourite book. It likes to plant it around the library and then trick people into thinking the Pokemon in the book are real.

"I'm sure it thought it was only playing. It doesn't realise that people are slightly more breakable than Ghost-type Pokemon." He sighs. "I don't know where this Gastly came from but it seems to love the library and won't leave no matter what I do. I would like you to have this with my apologies." The librarian hands you a Dusk Ball.

"Gastly seems to like you, considering how much time it spent following you around. I would ask you to take it with you, but there's no way it would listen to a trainer without any badges. If you came back one day with a few badges under your belt, I'm sure Gastly would consider your offer. And maybe I could get rid of it for good."

Minty obtained a Dusk Ball
Minty takes the Dusk Ball, and thanks the old man. She returns her Shuppet back to its Pokeball, and leaves the library.
Outside, it has become dark and chilly.
"Wow, I must have been in there all day..." Minty thinks to herself.
She looks around Zenith Town, and sees a large fountain not too far away from the library. Minty proceeds to walk toward the fountain.

As she approaches the fountain, Minty releases her Pokemon from their Pokeballs.
Minty begins speaking to her Pokemon, "I'm so sorry about that guys; go play in the fountain and relax for a bit."
The Pokemon jump into the fountain; Minty sits on a bench beside the fountain and begins to watch her Pokemon play.

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