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Default Re: Ideas for PE2K!

Why do you like PE2K?

It's like a family. I joined when I was a kid, not much better than a 'n00b', but everyone was nice, and helped me to become a more constructive, helpful member. Looking back, I think it helped me mature as a person, too. I've visited a lot of other sites but none of them came close to being as friendly to members, new and old.

What is it about the site/forum that you most enjoy?

Uh, the friendliness? =P But not only that, I like the fact that the majority of members are actually really constructive, mature guys. Also, the RP forums have a very high standard, so it helps me and others learn more.

What would you like to see pop up on our site/forum?

Less spambots. [/bluntness]

More competitions, maybe? Or challenges of sorts. The Meloetta thing is a great example- hope there is more where that came from.

If you could change an aspect of PE2K for the better, what would it be?

More activity. [/bluntness]

But really, I hope there are more users to interact and learn from. PE2K would be THE dream forum- nice, constructive, talented members everywhere, if it just had a bit more activity. Other than that (which we can't really influence) it's just a great forum.
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