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Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Official's Post:

You watch as the man flees. Venomoth cowers uncertainly on the ground.

"Tar! Altaria!" the blue bird Pokemon swoops down to the ground. It stands before you and bows its thanks. It then goes over to the sack and rips it apart with its beak. Inside is a small, yellow mass. It doesn't seem to be moving.

"Tar?" Altaria nudges it gently. The thing moves just a little.

"C-Chu," you hear it squeak weakly.

You go over and take a closer look. The Pokemon is a Pichu and it seems to be badly injured.

Altaria looks from you to the Pichu. "Tar, Altaria?" it cries, nudging you slightly.

It seems Altaria wants you to take Pichu with you and heal it at the nearest Pokemon Center.

Pichu joined your party (temporary).
This does not count as a catch.
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"Don't worry Altaria, I'll bring Pichu to Navi Town's Pokemon Center! Just wait here or give me a signal when we come back!" I pick up the Pichu and hold it in my arms
"Al!" The Altaria cries happily and fly up into the sky until its body can't be differentiated with the clouds.
"Alright Pichu, let's get you to the Pokemon Center!" I hold the Pichu steady in my hands and run at full speed into the direction of the tall town hall and old towers in the East.

*Leaving Route 3 for Navi Town*
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