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Default Re: Homosexuality Ethically Accepted?

Originally Posted by Ant2011 View Post
That's awful! That's despicable! Did they at least honor the civil unions from before they removed it? Like a "grandfather clause". You were a civil union before we removed the ability to have one, but because of that we're going to begrudgingly honor yours. It's how my grandmother avoided paying extra insurance on her pool. She had it before her company added extra money to monthly payments for pool owners.

As a Pansexual (Not going into detail about it, no it does not mean I'm sexually attracted to pots and pans) I get upset when people are denied the right to have a civil union or be married based solely on gender. Love knows no limitations, so why the law has the ability to deny people this right is beyond me.
Luckily, they legally had to honour the civil unions performed prior to the change, however as soon as the new government came in, they stopped approving any civil unions because they knew they were going to change the law. The most hilarious thing about the whole situation is that the leader of the party, who is now the state's Premier, supports same sex marriage, however because his party doesn't, it was the first thing they stamped out.

You know, you're the first person I've met that has openly identified as pansexual. Most that I know of say that they're bi or something of the sort. It's great to meet someone who is so open and accepting of it :)

I agree completely with your second paragraph. It just amazes me. If I don't have the same rights and legal protections as all the other citizens then I shouldn't pay the same taxes. The national government has recognised same sex couples in so far as taxes and benefit schemes go (so basically, if you lose your job, and your partner earns over a certain minuscule amount, you are not entitled to any government subsidies or handouts) and they say that this is one of the 'best things they could do for same-sex couples' (meaning we get taxed based off a joint income, generally meaning we get taxed more), however we get none of the legal protection from a federal level that goes along with being a married couple. Makes me so very angry. Screw the 'lucky country' as we like to call ourselves, I'm moving to Canada.
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