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Default GLADIATOR [su/ds]



In the early 1990s, a company known as SUMMIT developed a revolutionary video game known as GLADIATOR. It was the first of its kind to reach the Pokémon Universe—a game that allowed players to tap into Pokémon power and fight to the utter finish. Though revolutionary, the game was also controversial; it was the first game to feature human-to-Pokémon combat, which was frowned upon by large in society. As a result, the game was banned in many regions, including Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. SUMMIT experienced multiple setbacks and quickly lost profit through ever-increasing opposition.

However, the company found a safe foothold in the entertainment-hungry region of Unova, where the game quickly became popular. Moving their base of operations there, SUMMIT was able to survive and recover their losses. As the years passed they continued developing their technology, releasing more games despite controversy. It would seem that they were back on the rise—that is, until Team Plasma put a hiccup in their developments. With people beginning to question their relationship with Pokémon, Unovans also began to question the violence depicted in GLADIATOR.

SUMMIT once again experienced a decline in profit. This time, however, the company seemed doomed to failure. As the Plasma conflicts came to their climax, SUMMIT quietly slipped into bankruptcy…


Years have passed since the Plasma incident, and people no longer question their relationship with Pokémon. The entertainment business in Unova boomed as previous excitements died down. As people began looking for more and more ways to preoccupy themselves, movies and particularly video games caught unexpected popularly.

Seemingly out of nowhere, SUMMIT made a sudden reappearance—and with an exhilarating new announcement: GLADIATOR was returning with a grand new adventure. The latest installment would take advantage of the most advance technology: immersive virtual reality. Players would literally be transported to the Battleground of GLADIATOR 2012. Old fans revived forgotten passions, and new fans were quickly made as the game’s features were slowly leaked. Nearly all of Unova—as well as other parts of the world—looked forward to the game’s release.

When development was coming to a close, SUMMIT’s Executive Producer Malcolm Kalsow announced a special contest. Winners would get the chance to play the game a week before the launch, and their adventures would be broadcasted live worldwide. All one had to do for to enter was record themselves playing one of the older games, and explain why they think they should be chosen.


Weeks have passed since that last announcement, and the winners have been chosen. You have eagerly been waiting for some word on your entry, and on one especially bright morning you are excited to find a package from SUMMIT. Inside, you find a DVD with your name on it. Putting it in as soon as you could, you listen as an electronic female voice addresses you. The game’s logo flashes brilliantly on the screen.

“Congratulations. You have been selected to participate in the international pre-release celebration of GLADIATOR 2012. We look forward to your arrival at the SUMMIT Game Center in Nimbasa City Tuesday, November 6th. In preparation for your game, we ask that you select one Pokémon within your possession to bring with you. GLADIATOR 2012 is a revolutionary game that will implement a Link feature that allows you to connect with your Pokémon on a whole new level. More information on the game will be provided at the celebration. Stay tuned for directions and further instructions…”

With Pokémon in hand, you are now making your way to Nimbasa City to the newly constructed SUMMIT Game Center. You plan to show the world what you are made of. And yet, you have no idea what to expect…


1.) No Godmodding, please. Not everybody can be as beastly as Rinzler ;)
2.) No bunnying without permission.
3.) GLADIATOR received an ESRB rating of T for fantasy violence. Okay, just pretend. Anyways, that means I don’t want to see suggestive material or strong language.
4.) As GAME MASTER, I am in charge of everything that happens on The Grid the Battleground. That includes setting, objectives, and opponents. No inventing something that isn’t there. Also, no easy solutions. I have the last say in whether or not your tactics work. I also control all NPCs and Major Bosses. I am officially in charge of your lives. Bwahahahaha….
5.) Posts must be at least two paragraphs long (meaning it should have 10+ sentences). Posts must also show proper grammar and syntax.


As a participant in the game, you are allowed to pick one Pokémon from your team from which to base your in-game abilities off of. They will be downloaded and used to upgrade your Battle Armor. I will leave it to your imagination to determine what those abilities will be, as far as it is realistic.

PERSONALITY: (Complete sentences)
APPEARANCE: (Complete sentences; please note that their apparel will be altered upon entering the BATTLEGROUND. Each player will be suited up in Battle Armor based on their link; and yes, the Battle Armor will look like those glowy TRON uniforms [This RP is inspired by TRON]. The color it glows depends on the type of Pokémon you choose. Yellow for electric, orange for fire, ect.)
HISTORY: (2+ paragraphs, complete sentences)
POKEMON LINK: (No legendaries)
ABILITIES: (The powers above Pokémon unlocks for your character)

Welcome to the BATTLEGROUND.


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