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Default Re: Homosexuality Ethically Accepted?

Originally Posted by Neptune's Disciple View Post
Just over a year ago, our state government voted to legalise civil unions for gay couples, it's not marriage but it's not far from it. It provides several legal and financial protections in the event of the death of a partner, among other things. It was a really great day for the gay community when this came through, as Queensland is often seen as a 'backwards' state, quite racist and homophobic (kind of like the stereotypical southern states of the USA, though not as extreme, and based completely on ignorance). About 6 months ago, our government changed, and the conservative party won by a landslide. The new government have continuously gone on about how bad our economy is (it's actually one of the best performing in the nation thanks to mining) and how everything is the old governments fault. However, regardless of this apparent economic turmoil, their first act as government was to remove civil unions from Queensland law.
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That's awful! That's despicable! Did they at least honor the civil unions from before they removed it? Like a "grandfather clause". You were a civil union before we removed the ability to have one, but because of that we're going to begrudgingly honor yours. It's how my grandmother avoided paying extra insurance on her pool. She had it before her company added extra money to monthly payments for pool owners.

As a Pansexual (Not going into detail about it, no it does not mean I'm sexually attracted to pots and pans) I get upset when people are denied the right to have a civil union or be married based solely on gender. Love knows no limitations, so why the law has the ability to deny people this right is beyond me.
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