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Originally Posted by Ilovstuddy View Post
Trainer: Ilov Studdy
Currently: Battle with Pokenapper

Meowth wavers back and forth, trying to snap out of his confusion. Then, the Venonat shoots out a rainbow colored beam from its two antennas.
"Scree!" The Venonat smiles menacingly as the Signal Beam flies in the air.
Meowth snaps out of confusion and dodges with its agile feet while the Signal Beam hits the tree behind, leaving a large and clean hole.
"Meowth, watch out for its attacks! Use taunt!" Meowth smirks at his opponent as he wiggles his finger at the Venonat tauntingly.
"SCREEEE!" The Venonat angrily screeched at Meowth as it rush forwards towards him. It opens its mouth to reveal two sharp fangs as it tries to sink them into Meowth's neck. Meowth nimbly use his sharp claws and blocks the fangs.
"Heh, pretty good Pokemon you have there! Too bad I'll be taking it too by the time we finish!" The vile stranger laughs maniacally.
"That ain't gonna happen 'cause you're going to be in prison by the time my Meowth defeats your Venonat." I reply back with a cool composure.
"All right, you asked for it! Venonat! Discard your everstone now! I won't be able to track Pokemon as fast as before, but its worth the sight of your face when your Meowth goes into my little sack here!" He waves the sack back and forth as the small voice inside yelps. The Venonat drops a small bright stone and glows. Suddenly, it hovers in the air while bright lights encases its body. Then, the light disperses and a large winged creature stays in the air.
"VENO!!!" The newly evolved Venomoth screeches with a more shrill cry than it had before as a Venonat.
"Meowth, don't back away! Use Fake-Out!" Meowth uses his opportunity to strike the unsuspecting Venomoth. His claws makes a direct hit and Venomoth immediately drop to the ground.
"Huh!? How can you be weaker than your previous evolution!? Go back up and face the stupid trainer's Meowth!" The Pokenapper snaps angrily at the weakened Venomoth.
"Heh, looks like you don't know anything about evolution! A newly-evolved Pokemon needs to adjust to its new body before it can battle! Any sane person should know that!" I sneer at the clueless stranger.
Meowth raise his claws again and hold it up in the air as it stares down at the Venomoth.
"That's enough Meowth. Hold it right there. Oi you stupid Pokenapper! If you don't let go of the sack and that Altaria, I'm going to send my Meowth after your sorry butt!"
The Pokemon Smuggler sweats heavily, his mouth agape. Then, he let go of the sack and drops all his Pokeballs as he run into the bushes, leaving his poor Venomoth behind.
Official's Post:

You watch as the man flees. Venomoth cowers uncertainly on the ground.

"Tar! Altaria!" the blue bird Pokemon swoops down to the ground. It stands before you and bows its thanks. It then goes over to the sack and rips it apart with its beak. Inside is a small, yellow mass. It doesn't seem to be moving.

"Tar?" Altaria nudges it gently. The thing moves just a little.

"C-Chu," you hear it squeak weakly.

You go over and take a closer look. The Pokemon is a Pichu and it seems to be badly injured.

Altaria looks from you to the Pichu. "Tar, Altaria?" it cries, nudging you slightly.

It seems Altaria wants you to take Pichu with you and heal it at the nearest Pokemon Center.

Pichu joined your party (temporary).
This does not count as a catch.
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