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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Johto: Gold Version (Open!)

((So each of us only battle one Ghastly? That means we cannot continue until Latio battles one then after the rest of us defeat our opponents))

Spinel was not happy. At first she was relieved to see Owli was all right when she landed on her shoulder, knowing that the bird Pokemon would be helpful when looking for Yellow. However her mood changed when the situation did. Not only were they now separated, but now she had one of these Ghost-types to deal with. She knew her Noctowl would have no problem with this, but she wanted to save him for later. So instead she decided to go with her Butterfree, hoping the strategy was a sound one.

Attacker: Butterfree
Opponent: Ghastly
Attacker's Points: 10
Opponent's Points: 19
Bonuses: -10 (evolution bonus, two stages)
Attacker's Points: 1
Opponent's Points: 0
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