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Default Re: Quick Start Guide and Frequently Asked Questions

A Guide to Moves

There have been a lot of questions regarding what moves can be on your Pokemon and what moves can't! Well, I'll address this here with a quick and simple guide to moves your WFL Pokemon can learn!

Q: Can I use TMs and HMs on my Pokemon?
A: Yes, you can use TMs and HMs on your Pokemon, however, you must obtain or buy these TMs/HMs in the WFL. Some stores may have them, or you may stumble upon them in a Route. You can also obtain TMs from winning against Gym Leaders.

Q: Can I have Egg Moves on my Pokemon?
A: Yes, you may have any Egg Move on your Pokemon. You do not have to buy them.

Q: Can I have Dream-World Exclusive moves on my Pokemon?
A: No, you may not have DW Exclusive moves on your Pokemon unless you buy a Dream Ball at the Dream Center. Dream Balls cost 20 Stars, and the Pokemon must have it's DW Ability.

Q: Can I have moves bred down from the parent to the baby?
A: This depends. You may have moves that the baby Pokemon can learn upon level up. If the parent learns a certain move the baby cannot learn, then you cannot have these moves.

Q: What about Move Tutor moves?
A: Move Tutor moves from Pokemon Black and White (the 'pledge' moves and Draco Meteor) and Move Tutor moves from Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 are currently not available for league Pokemon at this time. Please do not teach them to your league Pokemon.



Cyndaquil can learn any of the moves listed above. These are the moves that Cyndaquil learn naturally by level up. It can have any of these moves at any level. You can have Roll Out on a level 25 Cyndaquil if it is bred from the father!

Cyndaquil can also learn any of these moves. These are Egg Moves for Cyndaquil.

Cyndaquil CANNOT learn these moves, unless you obtain the TM in some way. TM 93 Wild Charge can be obtained after defeating the Apollo City Gym Leader. After doing so, you will be able to use Wild Charge on Cyndaquil.

You can Google the Pokemon whose moves you do not know, click the link to Bulbapedia or Serebii, and look at the moves that it can learn. The Pokemon can learn any Level Up or Egg Move, along with any TM/HM you obtain.

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