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Default Re: Legion of Dredd (Welcoming Battlers and Traders!) Free Pokemon to new members !

Originally Posted by Joel View Post
Didn't we already decide that Ho-Oh was too good even before it got Regenerator?

I am still under the impression that Deo-S should be the next candidate for unbanning. It seems a lillte more realistic.
Nope ho-oh is bound be tested as the presence of volcanora in ou, shows how ho-oh might fit in.

ho-oh is not exactly what one might call uber strong, nor is it fast. It's bulky specially to near blissey levels, not true blissey is much more bulky 255hp dose that, which is more than twice ho-oh's, so no math is needed to prove that. His move pool is great but offers nothing significantly better than the dragons of ou, who are overjoyed they are dragon flying and not fire flying.

speaking of fire flying, people think kyruem has bad typing defensively, they have yet to see ho-oh. He has only got 3 weakness and 4 resistances but resistances to steel, grasss and fire don't hold much weight when you are weak to 3 very common types one of which normally get you a one way ticket to rarely used.

the thing about ho-oh is it can't function while stealth rock is on the field, he can regenerate his little tail feathers all he wants but he will switch in to 50% or less, once it's off the field for good he can function like a true champ, but unlike volcanora ho-oh can never ever boost it's stats, given the right set after one quiver dance volcanora is bulkier, stronger, faster after a single quiver dance, while ho-oh has to rely on being buff right from the start. The only stat it can improve is it's speed, through a weak move that just begs for a counter to be switched into, many an ou dragon is ready to ko ho-oh in one hit or set up in it's face, ho-oh's defence compares to swmaperts and he's in ou cause that ain't enough and swampert has the superior physical typining.

I think the one thing that concerns me about ho-oh is scared fire, so many pokemon in ou, gyarados, dragonite, terrakion, salamence, haxsaours, garchomp, don't really care about ho-ohs stab moves, brave bird is strong but will leave the phoenix in an easy ko situation, they all take a fire move like a champ and most are immune to it's coverage move earthquake oe could ko ho-oh before he uses it, but sacred fire can cripple them 50% yes please, if it were not for sacred fire ho-oh would be flat out set up bait for the biggest badest meanest dragons around.
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