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Default Re: Gotta catch em' all !: Club

Hey Dredd, since Jaye and I are gonna call it a night soon I thought I'd post here right quick. What she and I are doing in Red version is character development. Spinel is having a difficult time dealing with all of these emotions, not having experienced them for her own reasons but through empathy alone. Also she bottled up negative emotion before she experienced through her power, so it all came back at once and became too much for her. She needed to get away from the main cause of it, which is Markus and Gold since they brought up the topics that caused her to feel these emotions. Jaye has Moon going after her as a distraction, pretty much. She is also emotional, but focusing on finding Spinel delays her having to confront those emotions that the topics brought up. We are also taking this time to develop the friendship between the two characters. I guess in a way we are giving you a break from continuing the main story and develop our characters a little more before we get back on track.
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