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Default PE2K Trading Scavenger Hunt

(A banner for this would rock)

So Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 have been released! As you've already seen, we have a Genesect Tournament, and we're giving away the starters. Last but not least is this; the PE2K Trading Scavenger Hunt!

This scavenger hunt focuses on trading. Everyone will get a random Pokemon with a mail attached to it. On the mail will be a number of different clues, leading you to a Pokemon. In order to get all the clues, you must trade with people who have other mail. The answer will be the prize for this competition.

Want to Play? Here's the form:

In-Game Name:
Friend Code:
Time Zone:

Here's a list of people playing the game:

Nobody yet, so you should play!

As soon as you figure out what the answer is, PM me (mintjelly), and I'll tell you if you're right or not. If you are right, then you get the prize, whoopie!

So, go ahead and start playing the PE2K Trading Scavenger Hunt!

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