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Default Re: The Hunger Games [RP]

Caroline Hawthorne from District Four/ Ashley Mellark and Jeremy Mellark from District Twelve/ Matt Wilson from District Thirteen
Lunch Room

"Keiru tends to be rather... obtuse... putting it kindly, in what he does. He can be an insufferable idiot at times with his choices, but he usually means the best." Amelia responded after a few moments with a sigh. "Sometimes his actions just get on my nerves, even if he does mean the best. You see, Aria was in danger being in the same room as certain individuals here. Take that tribute from district thirteen. He's targeting your family. He wouldn't think twice about hurting Aria." Jeremy thought this over, knowing it was true.

"The tribute from district ten is also another one that wouldn't think twice. He's already targeted the girl from district seven. Several times. That throwing knife incident was no accident. If he's willing to accidentally kill a tribute, then a bystander that isn't 'protected' by the rules of these games wouldn't matter to him either." Amelia continued. "My brother did it, essentially, to 'knock some sense' into your family to not let Aria just wander freely with people who would most likely seek to kill her. Keiru doesn't like seeing innocents hurt, especially after..." Amelia trailed off as she averted her gaze down at the table, remaining silent for a while before shaking her head and looking up at Jeremy, bringing him to look up as well. "Really, he can be an idiot at times, even if he does mean well. I apologise for his stupidity." Jeremy looked back over to Keiru, then back to Amelia again.

"He should have just gone up to one of you and told you that it was dangerous... rather than shoot at her... really stupid... but he did mean good... Keiru's really nice you know, and I'm rambling." Amelia muttered, the two locking eyes and their gazes being held for several seconds before a blush erupted on both Jeremy's and Amelia's faces, the two looking away.

"Well, I'm glad we got that mix-up cleared before we entered the arena." Jeremy said, offering a small smile. "Aria had actually managed to escape our little brother who was supposed to be watching her." Jeremy paused and looked over to Aria, the smile still on his face as he looked back to Amelia. "For a small toddler, Aria is smarter than she looks. Looks like my family will have to keep a better eye on her. She's a little sneak like Ashley was when she was little." Jeremy chuckled.

Caroline Hawthorne from District Four
In her room

Hours past that day as nightfall fell over the Capitol, bringing Caroline to change into pajamas and stand in her room by the large window, looking out onto the lit city. Caroline wanted to enjoy every minute of it, since she knew she would only be thrown into an arena in the matter of days. The blonde tried not to show it, but it was clear that she was still nervous and scared from the whole situation. Caroline crossed her arms over her chest with a sigh, continuing to look at the city.

Ashley Mellark and Jeremy Mellark from District Twelve
In their room/ Front Garden

Ashley and Jeremy sat on a couch in their pajamas while Aria ran around the room to tire herself out, Ashley's hair still in curls while Caroline's was still straightened. Ashley couldn't help but laugh when Kenny had to jump out of the way of Aria before she ran into him, bringing Kenny to sigh.

"Isn't she tired yet?" Kenny asked.

"Nope." Peeta responded. "She's like a little energy-ball."

"Well Jeremy gave her a piece of cake before." Katniss pointed out, Jeremy putting on an evil grin as Ashley looked at him in shock.

"You didn't tell me you gave her cake! No wonder she's so hyper." Ashley stood up, placing on a pair of shoes and grabbed Aria a pair as well.

"Where are you going?" Kenny asked.

"To take her in the front of the building where they have that huge garden. She'll have a big area to run around in." Ashley responded. The area Ashley was taking her daughter to was still surrounded by the force field, though Aria was still going to have a good distance to run.

After when Ashley finished placing on Aria's shoes the two made their way to the elevator where they went down to the grand floor of the building, walking out the front door where a large garden was seen.

"Okay you, time to play." Ashley said as she let go of Aria's hand, who giggled and ran through the paths in the garden. Ashley followed her daughter, the two making it a game of Cat and Mouse.
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