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Default Professor Cedar's Pokedex

Professor Cedar's Pokedex

~Player turned on the Poke Gear

~Which mode should be accessed?
- Celestia Map Mode
- Trainer Phone Mode
> Pokedex Mode

~Pokedex Mode accessed
- Pokedex Listing
- Search Pokedex
> Rate Pokedex

"I see! You've caught 117 Pokemon, then. You still have lots to do. Catch lots of Pokemon in Celestia!"

You see Professor Cedar's face light up on your Poke Gear screen as she rates your Pokedex.

Welcome to the Collaborative Pokedex Project!

This thread aims to keep as a permanent record of all of the Pokemon captured in Celestia. Trainers from all over Celestia can access this database to see statistic on any of the Pokemon captured.

What do I do here?

The premise is simple. Register your Pokemon to Professor Cedar's Pokedex to add your Pokemon to the database. Every so often, you may earn a small prize for owning any of the Pokemon listed.

You can also check out the list of Pokemon captured so far in the Pokedex. The aim is to, as a community, complete the Celestia Region Pokedex.

How do I register my Pokemon?

Just fill out the following form (* indicates optional fields):

Pokemon Registration Form:


That's it. Also, remember to provide a link to your stats every time you make a post.

When should I register a Pokemon?

You should register a Pokemon...
  • Every time you capture a Pokemon in the wild.
  • Every time you hatch a Pokemon from an egg.
  • Every time you receive a Pokemon from an event.
  • Every time you evolve a Pokemon.

I've registered my Pokemon! What happens now?

Awesome! Now that you've registered your Pokemon, your name will be put on a list of other trainers stating how many Pokemon you have captured.

Alongside this, every day there will be a lottery giving trainers 5 stars. A number from 1-649 will be rolled. If it lands on a Pokemon you have registered to the Pokedex, you will earn 5 stars. You must check back every day to see if you have won a prize. To claim, post in this thread stating that you have the rolled Pokemon registered to the Pokedex and state that you are claiming your five stars.

Also, there will be challenges set up desiring a certain Pokemon to be added to the Pokedex. Rewards for these challenges will vary dependant on difficulty. The first person to complete the challenge will receive the reward.

There may even be rewards for when you've registered a certain number of Pokemon, too.

What are you waiting for? Go out and fill the Pokedex!

Reward and Contest section:

Today's lottery drawing is!


If you have registered Budew to this Pokedex, post to claim 5 stars! If you have not registered, register your Budew by today to win!

27/01/2013 [ENDS 28/01/2013]

If you have registered Murkrow to this Pokedex, post to claim 5 stars! If you have not registered, register your Murkrow by today to win!


If you have registered Persian to this Pokedex, post to claim 5 stars! If you have not registered, register your Persian by today to win!

The current catching contest is!

Requirements: The first person to register a Budew that was caught on Route 5 in a Great Ball will receive 15 stars!


Total Pokemon Registered:

Trainer Registration Numbers:
mintjelly = 7
Neku Sakuraba = 9
Typhlosion Explosion = 50
Kaoru = 23
dj-tiny = 3
Steak = 7
Charmander009 = 7
Pokemon Breeder Dustin = 5
Pokemon Trainer Sarah = 3
Etymology = 19
Judge Dredd = 11
Cobalt Shadow = 6
The pokemaster = 1
Latio-Nytro = 4
lu1z = 9
akmal89 = 8
Ant2011 = 3

Most Popular Pokemon:
No clear winner

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