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Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Hi everyone! Judge Dredd and I have made a deal. Anyone who enters the Team Plasma Beginner's Tourny using their Wi-Fi League team will get a free Pokeball in the WFL! :D If you win the tourny, you will get a bonus 20 stars!

If you enter the tourny with a different team, you will still get 5 stars just for entering, and a bonus 20 stars if you win.

So if you want some extra stars go and sign up! Sign ups end on Sunday! The Tournament does not allow Ev trained/IV bred Pokemon (the same as the WFL)!

Everyone who enters will also be given a free Genesect for their BW/BW2 games and the chance to win extra Pokemon, including shinys!
I am so totally there! :D

I'll probably lose, though xD

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