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Default Re: The Hunger Games [RP]

OOC: Apologies for posting late

Keiru Kozaka,District One/Amelia Kozaka,District One
Lunch Room

“Pretty boring, actually.” Caitlyn responded, and chuckled, making Keiru's heart flutter, and he smiled softly. “All of the other tributes seemed to calm down and behave all of a sudden.” Keiru noticed that Caitlyn glanced away, and followed her gaze, seeing a tribute glaring at her, whilst Keiru was looking at the tribute, Caitlyn had looked back at him. "So what time should I be on the roof tonight?”

Keiru had a massive grin on his face and waved at the tribute glaring at Caitlyn, calling out to him. "Hey friend, you alright, you're starting to look like my grandmother when she's drinking prune juice." Keiru's grin turned into a smirk before he turned back to Caitlyn, and his face contorted into one deep in thought for several moments, before he nodded. "I've got some things I need to sort out," He gestured towards a door leading out of the room, a sad look on his face. "So, quarter to seven good for you?"

"Oh really?" Jeremy teased with a playful smile. "Let's see, you are from District One after all, and you're right about our Districts not getting along too well. You're also right about your brother shooting an arrow at my sister's daughter." Jeremy paused for a moment, seeming to be in thought, before chuckling. "Well for one, I'm nice to people if they're nice to me; it doesn't matter what District they're from. And two, you're not the one who shot the arrow at Aria. So for now since you actually haven't done anything to upset me, you're in my good book for now."

Amelia smiled weakly, a small blush on her cheeks, the very feeling of her blush confusing her. She hadn't been like this before. "So anyways," Amelia looked up at Jeremy, having averted her gaze when the blush arose. "Do you honestly know why your brother shot an arrow at Aria in the first place? I don't remember him giving my family any dirty looks since we've been here, or you giving us dirty looks either, so why would your brother shoot that arrow?"

The blush on Amelia's cheek died down, and she remained silent for several moments, before sighing. "Keiru tends to be rather... obtuse... putting it kindly, in what he does. He can be an insufferable idiot at times with his choices, but he usually means the best." Amelia paused for a moment as she shook her head, appearing to be annoyed at her brother. "Sometimes his actions just get on my nerves, even if he does mean the best. You see, Aria was in danger being in the same room as certain individuals here. Take that tribute from district thirteen. He's targeting your family. He wouldn't think twice about hurting Aria."

Amelia turned her head to look at Brandon who was just disappearing from the lunch room, and she turned her gaze back to Jeremy. "The tribute from district ten is also another one that wouldn't think twice. He's already targeted the girl from district seven. Several times. That throwing knife incident was no accident. If he's willing to accidentally kill a tribute, then a bystander that isn't 'protected' by the rules of these games wouldn't matter to him either." Amelia pondered on her thoughts for several moments. "My brother did it, essentially, to 'knock some sense' into your family to not let Aria just wander freely with people who would most likely seek to kill her. Keiru doesn't like seeing innocents hurt, especially after..." Amelia's sentence trailed off and she averted her gaze to staring down at the table in front of her, and she remained silent for a while before shaking her head and looking up at Jeremy. "Really, he can be an idiot at times, even if he does mean well. I apologise for his stupidity."

"He should have just gone up to one of you and told you that it was dangerous... rather than shoot at her... really stupid... but he did mean good... Keiru's really nice you know, and I'm rambling." Amelia muttered, before locking eyes with Jeremy, and she held the gaze for several seconds before a blush erupted on her cheeks and she broke the gaze, suddenly finding the empty tray in front of her really interesting.
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