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Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Official's Post:
You finally manage to drift off to sleep. You have a very peaceful nap, enjoying the quiet of the forest in the dawn.

Eventually you wake up. The sun is now quite high in the sky and it's another lovely sunny day. You begin to walk, keeping an eye out for any Pokemon. The route seems pretty quiet as the dawn Pokemon have returned to their nests and the others have not yet awoken.

As you walk, you begin to smell something strange. It seems there's some kind of smoke drifting up from somewhere in the forest to the north. There's no path up that way at all, you would have to fight your way through the dense foliage if you wanted to check it out.
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Currently: What's that smoke?
Hmm. Looks like Treecko and the others aren't awake yet, so I can't rely on their strengths. I better check that weird smoke out. I pick up my bag and gather all my belongings, Treecko's, Meowth's and Munna's Pokeballs included.

I walk into the spiky bushes and look at the sky to find the source of the smoke. The smoke gets thicker and thicker the closer I walk into this large green maze. Then, I arrive at a forest clearance.

It seems that this place is the source of the smoke. However, the entire area is covered with thick smoke. I wave my hands around to try and disperse the smoke and I find...
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