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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

“You look like you’re glowing from down here.” Caroline heard Kiseki say with a chuckle beside her, bringing her to look over to him with and smile. He then sat up and gave Caroline a soft kiss on the lips. “I was so worried about you…”

"Awe I didn't want you to worry." Caroline said, lightly pushing Kiseki back down against the pillows and laid on top of him. "I'm perfectly fine now." Caroline smiled, connecting her lips with Kiseki's. She had no idea what condition she was in before however, thinking that she just fell asleep and woke up feeling fine. Caroline hadn't known she was hooked up to blood bags either.

Caroline slowly deepened the kiss as she found herself with wandering hands, slipping both of them underneath Kiseki's shirt, lifting the fabric over his head and tossing the shirt onto the floor. The young Vampire then got up from the bed and walked to the bedroom door, closing and locking it before making her way back over to Kiseki with a small giggle while taking off her own shirt and tossing it next to his, her black bra being revealed as she laid down next to Kiseki and gently pulled him on top of her. Caroline gave Kiseki a sweet, playful smile, connecting her lips with his again in another passionate kiss.

“The last time this happened, he had to drink all of Ashley’s blood in order to be healed, but…” Ichiru said as everyone went inside the house.

“That wouldn’t work now.” Aiden added. Caroline was in the middle of unhooking her belt until she heard the voices coming from downstairs, bringing her to pull back from kissing Kiseki as she looked up at him in fear.

"I think something bad happened." Caroline said, wiggling her way out from underneath Kiseki and stood up, quickly placing on her shirt and fixing her belt before unlocking and opening the door, the curly haired blonde Vampire racing out of the room and down the stairs. "What happened?"

"Wait wait wait." Ashley said as she walked towards Caroline. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine." Caroline said with a nod, looking over at the group. "What's going on?"

"Mason bit Damon." Kol responded.

"What?" Caroline gasped, running over to Damon who was laying on the couch. The bite had already healed from Damon's neck, but the group knew it was going to return just like what happened with Ashley when she woke up that one morning.

"We need to get Klaus' blood." Diana said as she raced for the door, but Damon stood up from the couch and used his Vampire speed to block it before Diana to step outside. "Don't use your remaining strength Damon!"

"You're not going there by yourself!" Damon said protectively as he shook his head.

"But his blood is the only thing that can heal you!" Diana argued as tears pooled her eyes, sliding down her face.

"We'll call Klaus and tell him to come here." Kotomi suggested.

"He won't just come here though..." Stefan said with a shake of his head.

"Then I'm going there." Diana said, looking at the others.

"But you're pregnant!" Damon said.

"What?" Scarlet and Abigail both said at the same time as Caroline's jaw dropped.

"And Diana and Damon are back together." Lexi added, looking over to Caroline.

"How much did I fricken miss today?" Caroline asked.

"Quite a bit..." Isobel said.

"Look, I'm going whether you like it or not." Diana said as she looked at Damon.

"Then at least have us come with you." Caroline said.

"No." Damon said as he looked over to Caroline. "You're on bed-rest."

"Oh come on!" Caroline complained.

"I'll go." Ashley said, looking over to Caroline. "You stay here with the children and Damon while some of us go with Diana."

"There's no way in hell I'm letting Diana go into that house without me." Damon argued once again.

"You need to save your strength, now get back over on that damn couch." Diana ordered, Damon looking at the young Witch in shock. He quickly recovered however, putting on a smirk.

"You're even hotter when barking out orders like that." Damon commented.

"Diana is hot? Is she sick?" Abigail asked, thinking Damon meant Diana had a high body temperature. The group couldn't help but laugh as Diana gave Damon a kiss, then pointing to the couch.

"She isn't sick. Don't worry." Meredith said with a smile. Damon walked back over to the couch, bringing Diana, Ashley, Stefan and Lexi to leave the house.
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