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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

Brandon grabs his back pack and Burny's pokeball and rushes outside he runs after the car... soon the car was going so fast it was hard to keep up...

he pressed the button on Burny's Pokeball... Burny jumped out of the ball and ran beside Brandon. "Burn we must keep up with this car..." he jumped onto Burnys back "Burny fly fly fly! Dont go 2 high... we might lose it in the night... try and stay in the trees so we dont get spotted"

Bill who had heard Brandon leave grabbed his belt and his spearow's pokeball and took flight after Brandon
I am Brandon, I have 1 goal as a pokemon trainer: To become the unbeatable unlike any other... I have already become the Champion of sinnoh... and am training currently in unova to beat the Champion their.
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