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Default Re: Team Plasma Beginners Tourny ! Genesect Giveaway !

Originally Posted by bronislav84 View Post
I was IV breeding, but not to pass on stats. I was trying (and pretty much succeeded) hatching Pokémon with good natures and Characteristics (This is IV breeding, as you know), like Adamant and Proud of it's power, for example. Basically I didn't have Pokémon with good IVs to pass, but trying to hatch good IVs. To pass you need the hold items, which I never got, and already Pokémon with good IVs, which I don't have.

I then played the game with these Pokémon that came out of the eggs.

Do Pokémon like this qualify Judge? Cause seriously that's all I got lol.
IV breeding would be only breeding for IVs...what you are describing is breeding for a certain nature at its not the same thing at all. IV breeding is for exchanging IVs from both parents. If you just breed for a nature then you can use them. Honestly im going to use random pokemon in my box so i really think youll be fine doig the same.

Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
Name/IGN: Corey
FC: 4213 1816 0639
GMT/Time your online to battle: Anytime; GMT -4
Group you want to join: 3!
Ill add you.

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