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Default My image blog: Chronicles of Pokémon Black Version 2

Does this count as art? Mods please move to BW2 if this is the wrong place.

So, I'm doing a pretty much blind play through of Black 2. I have the guide but I'll only use it if I'm stuck or to compare my progress to what's recommended. I play and take pics of what's been going on, then comment on it. Be sure to read the caption for each pic! If you feel like giving me any advice as I go, feel free.

Here's the link:

This is a public album. It still requires you to be a member of Facebook, but you don't need to add me to friends. I update pretty much daily, or whenever I have time to play and take pics. Sharing with Friendcaster to a public album requires me to approve with a browser, so pics might not show up right away if I forget to approve or don't have time.
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