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Default Re: Thank you for holding this up.

Wow, I'd never thought of Pe2k, let alone the internet, as a time capsule before...

Pe2k isn't as active as it used to, but I can guarantee the members of this community will continue to keep it active and the gears still grinding! *salutes*

Wow, you certainly have improved in your art skills! Are you, by any chance, going into Video Game Design? (the picture looks so much like a game :O)

I'm glad that Pe2k can do things like this - keeping the embodiment on your old self alive and kicking in the archives of the website. I hope that I, too, can say the same in the next couple of years (although I'd like to avoid looking at my old posts - I was such a noob and not a nice person ._.).

Are you planning to hang around at all? :)


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