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Default Re: Are you a boy or are you a girl?

I used to pick the boy up until the GS remakes, then stopped. I've been playing the girl since then and it's kinda fun, although I always wonder what people glancing at my game in public places think. What can I say? The male characters have gotten progressively uglier/uninspired after the original GSC games. The girls have always had an interesting look. Just one guy's honest opinion.

Oh, anybody played FR/LG as the girl and can tell me what happens in Erika's Gym? Do they all still get mad at you for being a boy and call you a peeping Tom? IIRC in HG/SS the trainers aren't hostile to the girl character, but would probably be hostile to the boy but I dunno. Just wondering this, because 99 percent of dialog in the series is purposefully gender neutral, except that one Gym where they do seem to notice gender. Also in HG/SS your other gender NPC counterpart clearly refers to you as he/she when in the presence of other NPCs sometimes, but that's it.

Seemed like a good place to ask. Or maybe not?
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