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Default Re: Navi Town

Trainer: Zayna
Team: Charmander (Blaze), Pidgey (Freya), Roggenrola (???)
Currently: Entering Navi Town from Route 2, bound for PC

"I don't know about you, but I could really go for a shower," I grunted to Blaze as the forest fell away.

"Charmander," Blaze scrunched his nose.

I raised my brow. "What, am I really that offensive?" I tried smelling myself. What? I had only been camping for one day.

"Char! Charmander," the little lizard looked sheepish.

I studied him for a second before realizing what he was getting at. "Oh, right. Fire-type. I guess you guys don't take showers, huh? ...Then how did they clean you at the last center?"

The lizard stared up at me innocently.

"Um... Well... whatever," I shrugged. "Let's just get to the PC quickly. We gotta heal that Roggenrola up--Freya could probably use some TLC, too. Then we can do a little exploring."


The trip to the PC was pretty uneventful—and quick, to boot. They healed up Critter in a flash—yes, Critter. That’s what I decided to name my Roggenrola. Honestly, I’m not sure what else you could call a rock. Rocky? Please…

Anyway, after visiting the Pokémon Center, the four of us set out to explore Navi Town. Blaze walked happily beside me, while Freya—the Pidgey—seemed content to glide beside us. I hadn’t let her out of her ball till now, and now I was finding that she was a quiet little bird. I couldn’t tell if she liked her new lot in life, but she didn’t seem angry, at least. Meanwhile, Critter hobbled along after us making all sorts of cheerful noises. After helping him out, he warmed up to Blaze and I rather quickly.

Navi Town wasn’t that big. I found out quickly that it was just a simple little fishing town. They had a Trainer School here, but I wasn’t too interested in visiting. Yeah, I know it would probably help to visit, but who want to go to school in the summer time? I just didn’t feel like it.

So, instead, we wandered over to the Fishing Bridge. A handful of Trainers and Fishermen had their poles all lined out, waiting patiently for a bite. I watched them curiously, wondering what they could be fishing for. As I observed them, a teenager suddenly let out a shout. He quickly jumped to his feet and tugged at his pole, which was nearly doubled over with pressure.

The teenager struggled to reel the catch back in; whatever was on the other end was putting up an intense fight. I caught myself holding my breath as I silently cheered the stranger on. Suddenly, something leapt out of the water.

I gasped as I saw a huge fish Pokémon flashed in the bright afternoon sun. With pink scales and long fins, the creature somewhat resembled a heart.

“Oh, no you don’t!” the fisher grumbled as he tugged back fiercely on his pole. The fish disappeared back under the water, but it was closer than it had been before. Again, it leapt into the air, but this time the fisher was ready. Quickly, he tossed a strange looking Poke Ball—a Net Ball, I think—from his bait bag. In a brilliant flash, the fish disappeared inside. Maneuvering his fishing pole, the teen reclaimed the ball before it could disappear beneath the water.

“That was amazing!” I found myself shouting… much to my embarrassment. I quickly covered my mouth, but the teen had already noticed.

He laughed, “Thanks! I’ve been trying for that thing all week! Took a lot of effort, but I got it in the end! Darn Alomomola,” he sneered down at the tamed Net Ball. “I have you now!”

I stared down at the line of other fishermen. “Is it hard? Fishing?”

The teen shrugged as he pocketed his captured Pokémon. “Not too hard, once you get the hang of it. In fact, it can get rather addicting.”

I wanted to try. I just had this unrelenting desire to give it a shot. “Where can I get a fishing rod?” I asked.

“Well, shoot,” the teen brushed his nose with his thumb. “You can just buy one from the PokeMart, doncha know?”

“Oh… I didn’t know…” my shoulders slumped. Buy? As in, spend money? As in, spend money that I don’t have? I thanked and congratulated the teen again before turning back around on the bridge. Downcast, I frowned down at my curious Pokémon.

“Man… we are broke, guys. Flat-out broke. I ain’t got nothing,” I sighed down to them. Blaze frowned along with me, while Critter…. Did whatever Critter does… Freya just looked at me, cocking her head. Steeling my expression, I announced, “Okay, guys. We have GOT to get in some battles. That’s the only way we’re gonna get anything to spend.”

“Char!” Blaze pumped a fist.

“RRRRR!” Critter rattled.

Freya just nodded.

Watch out world, here we come!


Towards the end of the evening, I hadn't had much luck finding battles. I did find one Trainer to battle over the C-gear; however, due to connection errors they only competed in 2 battles. Downtrodden, my team and I turned in for the night and stayed at the Pokemon Center.

In the morning, we all agreed that we had better not waste anymore time. I could find a Water-type Pokemon elsewhere, and I could always come back to Navi Town if I ever found a rod (and some money). So, off we went to Route 3.

*leaving Navi Town for Route 3*

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