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Default Re: RP announcements and feedback

Originally Posted by perfectpichu
I hated seeing the old forum(not to mension the great RPs) go. And there was this specific RP that I liked. So this idea is pretty much from there.

Pokémon Tamers
There are many pokemon and humans in this world. Many of the humans assumed that since there were so many pokemon that they could treat them cruely. Those poor pokemon captured by these corruptors have either killed or run away from them. It is up to a group of tamers to stop those corruptors. All these trainers have are a bag of poketreats and maybe their pokemon to try and befriend all of those mistreated pokemon and bring them to another planet to start this world all over.

I hope everyone will join. ^_^
I will! After all, it was MY idea xD
I am very thrilled that you liked the idea too. ^_^ Sorry that I was such a bad host o.X;
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