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Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post


"Oh, a Pokeball... Well that's a bit boring. That Level Ball, however, oh what a design! It makes it easier to catch Common Pokemon! Did you know? A very good idea, if you ask me. Perfect for new trainers! In fact I did support that bill to have new trainers given Level Balls rather than Pokeballs, don't you think that would be a much better idea? I guess they're not for everyone though. Yes, indeed. Sorry to have kept you, I just can't help it. I love Pokeballs! I hope you'll have some different ones to show me next time!"

Gizmo bows slightly and then walks swiftly up the path.

Trainer: Bando
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Currently: Searching for pokemon on Route 4

"Nice meeting you!" I yell out as the man disappears into the distance, placing the pokeballs back in my bag i continue on towards Zenith and on the lookout for new pokemon.

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