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Default Re: Pokemon Morals

Originally Posted by Gym Leader Ken View Post

10 minutes later I defeat Drayden.
What's funny is, I didn't even get a chance to use my "strategy" or use any other advice. :P

I defeated all three of the dragons just using the Genesect (Holding the Rocky Helmet :P)
Not one item used either. lol

Thanks again guys! I'm sure I'll use some of this knowledge later in the game as well.
Nice work! Love the Rocky Helmet (particularly on Ferrothorn.. hello almost 25% damage every time you hit me XD). I shall have to watch out for the flamethrower.

Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Yay congrats on beating him! I would have seconded ND and said go with a water type that can learn an ice-type move. I'm not up to that point yet so I wouldn't be able to give you specific advice!

I don't know about you but I'm actually pretty glad BW2 seem to be a little difficult. It's nice to have a challenge!
I'm really looking forward to going through it on challenge mode! I think it's great that they've added a more difficult mode to make it a bit more interesting and last longer.

- ND
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