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Default Re: Black and White Easy?

Originally Posted by PEDRO12 View Post
It was so easy it wasn't even funny:
  • "Oh, you want to fight Lenora? Here, have a forest of Fighting types."
  • "Oh, you want to fight this member of the Striaton Trio? Here, have a monkey tailor-made to kill him",
  • "Oh, you want to fight Skyla? That's fine, but first you have to get through this cave fully decked out with Electric Pokemon. Oh, did I mention Skyla uses Flying-types?"

For f*** sake :(
You forgot about being able to catch a whole bunch of Ice types (and a dragon) just before Drayden/Isis, and being able to catch a fairly strong and fast grass type just before the ground gym (oh, did I mention it also comes ready with a fighting move just in case you might have had a little trouble with the ground/steel mon?)

Really though, there is no way that they should have made Throh and Sawk available so early in the game. I guess the generally high evolution levels of a lot of new 'mons this gen does go some way to make it less easy, however all of the trainers and gym leaders are faced with the same issue so... yeah. Certainly easier than previous games IMO.

- ND
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