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Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
Official's Post:


"Heheh-Heh, Hello there...I see you have some neat little Pokemon there, he heh. Mind if I take a look at one of them? Heh?!"
Trainer: Ilov Studdy
Currently: Sleeping...
"Augh... Huh?" I wake up from my short-lived nap and find myself face to face with a typical Poke Maniac that looks like he never showered for a week.
"Seriously, can't someone sleep in the forest for awhile. How do the Pokemon even manage to rest in this place?" I stand up and hold my hands up in the air, blocking the weird stranger from going near my Pokemon.
"Hehe-he... Just want to, heh, touch at 'em for a while heh." His tongue licks his lips for every word he says.
Ok that's it.
"No way in a thousand years will you touch my Pokemon!"
The Poke Maniac just laughs.
"Heh-heh. What if I force you, heh, to let me touch your Pokemon?"
Oh crap, what is he going to do next?

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