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Originally Posted by mintjelly View Post
Trainer: Minty
Party: Ralts, Minccino, Nincada, Shuppet
Currently: Fleeing

Minty spots the Ariados, and flees toward the trap door.

Minty makes a run for the trap door.
Official's Post:

You rush up the ladder and pull down on the trap door. It seems to be stuck! Ariados scuttles closer, its fangs clicking menacingly. It lunges at you, scraping your arm with its Poision Fang attack just as you manage to get the trap door free.

Before Ariados can attack again, you scramble through the opening and slam the door shut behind you. Only when the adrenaline stops pumping do you finally feel the pain in your arm. The bite looks pretty nasty but so far it seems the poison hasn't spread too much.

You find yourself in a room filled with books. Books about the legends of Celestia line the shelves. Some of them have pictures of legendary Pokemon on the covers. It would be quite interesting if your arm wasn't throbbing so badly.

Suddenly a door opens on the other side of the room. A wiry old man shuffles inside. It takes a moment for him to notice you sitting on the floor. "Hey! What are you doing in here?!" he says rather angrily. "No one is allowed in this room. Besides, the library is closed now! I have half a mind to call the police... sick of trouble makers in my library..." he mutters.

Uh-oh... you better have a good explanation.

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