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Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Official's Post:
You take a closer look at the grandfather clock. The ticking is really becoming irritating. The clock looks like an antique with carefully carved decorations in the dark wood. It really is quite beautiful, with a shiny pearl coloured clock face... but the hands aren't moving. You take a closer look through the glass on the front of the clock. It's too dusty to see much, but you can tell the pendulum isn't swinging. If the clock isn't moving, then what exactly is that ticking sound?

Something large and red crawls out from behind the clock. Click click click. It clicks its pincers rhythmically as it crawls along the wall behind the clock. It turns its gaze to you and the ticking stops. Immediately it begins to shoot webs towards the corners of the room. Uh-oh. It looks like you're about to be caught, you can make a run for the trap door, head back to the storage room or fight this thing! What are you going to do?

Ariados appeared!
Spinning its web. Cannot be caught.
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Minty spots the Ariados, and flees toward the trap door.

Minty makes a run for the trap door.

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