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Default Re: Zenith Town

Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
Trainer: Corey Ty
Currently: Exploring the Library

"We're going Desert then?! Let's go?"
Originally Posted by Pokemon Breeder Dustin View Post
Trainer: Dustin


Currently: Zenith Town Library: Subquest Ho!

Dustin follows Corey into the desert.
Originally Posted by Metal Gear Snivy View Post
Trainer: Quinn
Party: Sara, Shinx, Green Orb
Location: Zenith Library

Quinn follows Dustin and Corey, wondering what the tokens are for.
Official's Post:

So, you all decide to head to the desert without argument. Fair enough. Nice to see such a democratic situation going on.

You get to the desert. You look behind you to find that the cave and the meadow are gone! The door still remains, however.

The desert is unbearably hot. You probably couldn't be out here for long. You already feel your thirst heighten, and you almost swear you begin to see mirages. A courthouse appears in the distance, but upon a second glance you discover it to only be your imagination.

You continue to walk. All of a sudden, you see a book, a sword and what appears to be lipstick out in front of you. They appear to be shimmering with a fuzzy light.

You walk over to the objects. One of you attempts to pick one up. You drop it, not expecting whatever it was to be disproportionately heavy. Looks like each of you can only pick up one of these things at a time. They also bear a similar shape to the holes in the door.
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