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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (RP)

(OOC: Got a new job assignment, so I figured I better get this typed up and ready when I had the time)

Zayna White
Arriving in Amity Station, Hearthome City [Destination: Capital]
ARPers: None

“Miss White?”

I grunted and turned away from the annoyingly polite voice that had roused me from my nap. Please, just five more minutes…

“Miss White,” the voice persisted. “We have arrived in Hearthome.”

Hearthome? Oh, yeah. Hearthome.

Reluctantly I opened my eyes. Clint, the engineer, was standing in front of me with a look of concern. I could sense now that the sub had pulled to a complete stop—and was probably empty by now. Clint looked ready to move on, but seemed hesitant about waking me. Meh, I knew I had better get going anyway.

“Right,” I grumbled. Lifting my arms above my head, I stretched out my stiff muscles, nearly spilling a tiny wad of fur out of my lap. Makar blearily woke as well, glancing around sleepily with his bright blue eyes. Slowly he drifted from my lap out into the hallway. Can’t say I was that surprised to see him. Makar had this habit of disappearing and reappearing whenever he liked.

“Thanks for the ride, Clint,” I said as I finally got up.

“Anytime, Miss White,” the engineer replied brightly, giving me a quick salute.

“Let’s get going, you lazy Victini,” I waved at my Pokémon.

<Lazy?> the imp scrunched its nose. When I smiled playfully at him, he giggled and floated to my shoulder.

For a moment, I hesitated by the door. “Say, Clint? Do you know where I might find a ride to the Capital?”

Clint frowned as he thought about it. “You could always try the Pokémon Hotel. If not, there’s the Foreign Building.”

“Hmm… All right, then. Thanks again!”

“Good luck, Miss White!”

With that, I finally exited the train and entered Amity Station. It was a little smaller than the Gear Station in Nimbasa, and on this particular day there wasn’t many visitors. I ignored this fact as I quickly strode outside, finally getting into the daylight. I could immediately feel the heat of the sun bearing down on my black overcoat, and knew a change in apparel would be imminent.

“All right, Makar,” I adjusted the cap on my head. “Let’s do some exploring.”


Council Building, Capital City
ARPers: CM

After Cheren presented his propositions, he was relieved to have some positive feedback. The Champions seemed to agree with his idea—and even the mysterious woman Keynoma added her input. The young Gym Leader was relieved to have their cooperation.

However, Lance voiced one concern: “Would she allow us to host the tournament battles in the Subway? We would need her permission to do so, even if we wanted to just run preliminary battles.”

Cynthia also spoke up, asking, “And if it is a trade she would want, what is it we could offer her that would interest her?”

Cheren contemplated this for a moment. “In answer to Lance’s question, I imagine that even Zayna will see the benefits of participating in the tournament. If it means promoting the Battle Subway, I’m sure she’ll cooperate.” Turning to Cynthia, he opened up with his idea, “I was thinking that perhaps we could offer her the old Magnet Train rails that had once ran between Johto and Kanto. From what I understand, they’ve fallen into some disrepair and are no longer in use, but the infrastructure is still there. I’m certain Zayna would find this useful.”

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