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Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonites: Darkest Path

Arima and Fall
Beast Soothesayer and Druddigon
The Seventh Rose

Arima watched the brawl from afar, as she was seated far in the back. Fall growled a few times, however remained under the cover of the table and table cloth. The sound of small paws passed her table, and a very unique Ninetales passed them by. Arima watched only with her eyes, making sure Fall did not growl at the passing Pokemon. Once she was out of direct line of sight, the Beast Soothesayer paid attention to the fight that had seemed to have stopped as soon as it started. She looked upon the two females inquiring as to what was going on. She noticed the ambiance seemed to remain still, as if everyone simple minded by the ale had come under a spell.

'How interesting...' She thought.

Note: Armia is doing a perception check of the tavern, mostly the two females and more specifically, the one with the glowing hand.
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