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Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonites: Darkest Path

Vahn D. Brande l Son Goku
Dragon Slayer l Fighter Mage
Southport Dock

"I hear that most of what is sold is second-hand, nothing special. Basically stuff handed down or thrown away by the rick folk. But it's durable material, from what I've heard. Also might be able to barter for a trade instead of paying coin," the sailor replied. "I think one fellow made a trade last time I was in town, said he'd do one of the seller's chores in return for a linen shirt."

"This is a waste of our time. Vahn, let's just make haste. If we were to hang around here any longer, we might miss out on a lot of things."

"Did you hear? There's a bit of a squabble going on by The Seventh Rose. It appears that she's there. You might not want to miss this out!" A nearby civilian gave a shout to the Sailor.

"What about it Vahn? The Seventh Rose sounds like a terribly good place to start off our journey. Who knows? We might discover a thing or two about our past!"

"Let's go..."

Vahn appeared to be much more calm and composed, and didn't behave foolishly as he normally would. Why? ...

The two left the harbors and made way into the inner part of the city, particularly cornering a tavern by the name of The Seventh Rose...

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