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Originally Posted by Dragotech View Post
That does help a little, but you did leave out dual types. Take for example a geodude and a pidgey.
Geodude is a rock, ground whereas pidgey is a normal flying (assuming combat is based off the video game and not the card game.) A rock type is super effective against a flying type while niether flying nor normal are very effective against the rock type, however a ground type cannot effect a flying type (still assuming that combat is based off of video game combat as well as assuming the pokemon's individual moves are irrelevant.)
Aside from that how would you run a normal vs. ghost type scenario as niether of them can actually effect the other.

Okay dual types get more tricky

if a Charizard where to battle a Golem

Pokemon using: Charizard
Pokemon Battling: Golem
Its Point Value: 45
Your Pokemon's Value:36
Prize Value: +17 ( double weakness to Rock.)
It's Remaining Points: 26
Your Remaining Points:

Charizard faints

Here is one where the types block each other out.

Pokemon using: Staryu (Water/Psychic)
Pokemon Battling: Bellsprout ( Grass/Posion)
Its Point Value: 19
Your Pokemon's Value:19
Prize Value: 0 ( Grass beats Water, Psychic beats Poison = no type advantage.)
It's Remaining Points: 26
Your Remaining Points:

Originally Posted by CM View Post
But with leveling up, using Ren as an example since I'm looking at the levels, to evolve into Croconaw would take 18 points, thus making her level 18 instead of 5. To evolve into Feraligatr would cost 30, making her level 30. Or did it change from Red and Blue to where you'd add it, so evolving into Croconaw her points would become 23 instead of being just 18? Just wondering since I got confused.
we are saying the same thing here, just in different ways. What I posted was in reference to getting totodile to its final level.
Here is what I was saying based on my math chart
18+30=48 leveling up from 5 to 30 25 x 2. Thats all I was saying. Everying is exactly the same as the last time. Before this get anymore confusing, you can request an evolution for 18 points, then another one for 30 points.

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