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Default Happy Birthday to Pokemon Trainer Sarah!

It is currently the 15th of October in Australia, and that means that it is also the Birthday of a very special member of our community:

Pokemon Trainer Sarah

Sarah is, has been, and always shall be one of the best people I've ever met and one of the greatest leaders that Pe2K has every seen. Her dedication, loyalty, compassion, courage, and intelligence has guided this community through some of the best and worst times it has faced. I truly believe that without her efforts, we would not still be here today.

I cannot thank her enough for all the work she has put in as a Pokemon Elite 2000 Admin or thank her enough for her friendship, but I can wish her a very, very Happy Birthday. And I hope you would join me in doing the same.

Happy Birthday Sarah! Thank you so much for loving and supporting this community all these years.
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