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Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonites: Darkest Path

((You don't need a Perception check if you just want to listen for anything. So I'm changing that to a Listen check.))

narpheonix rolls 1d20 for his Listen (Wis) check. He rolls a 15, needing a 14 or under to pass.

Daniel closely listens to the groups around him, but most he hears is drunken talk of men talking about some of the maidens they'd like to court or some misadventure one it telling to his friends. He can't pick up on any information about any available jobs.

Everyone in The Seventh Rose
The tavern was already busy with business, even it being as early as it was. Some young men were already ordering ale, and having too much of it, while other groups were there for a high class meal. All sorts of different classes in society mingled here, it having the standards of a high class establishment but prices that the normal working man could afford. However in once corner of the tavern a fight broke out. It wasn't close to our player characters, so they are not affected by it. However as soon as it broke out, everything in that part of the establishment seemed to freeze. Everyone had become silent, but it felt deathly silent when the two men just froze in place.

"What is going on here?!" a voice spoke, feminine but authoritative.

The closest worker of the tavern looked at the staircase, seeing two beautiful women. One had flaming red hair with matching eyes, her expression not all that pleased. The other looked younger, and with blonde hair and blue eyes. She had a calm expression compared to the older, and she had her right hand out. A faint orange glow surrounded her hand, indicating the use of a certain field of magic. Perhaps she was the one responsible for the two fighters suddenly stopping. The tavern worker paled when he saw the women, his expression almost fearful when he looked at the redheaded woman.

After Archeon left, the young woman wasn't sure what to do. Should she head to the tavern herself or should she stay and try to learn more about what's going on? As she pondered she wasn't aware of someone joining her on the bench. She appeared to be a young elven woman, her faced marked with black tribal tattoos. Her attire was simple and colored with earth toned colors.

"Hi there!" she greeted in a cheerful voice. "You look lonely, so Kai decided to join you! Are you lost? Kai gets lost a lot, especially in cities like this. Maybe Kai can help you? Oh, Kai wasn't rude, was she? Kai didn't get permission to sit here... Kai's sorry! Would you like Kai to leave?"
((I'm not sure whether I should laugh or feel sorry for you character, Jaye X3 Hope this helps you with writing up a post!))
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