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Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonites: Darkest Path

Aeiria the Ninetales (& Ley the Natu)
Trader/Treasure Hunter
Southport: Market Street → The Seventh Rose [Southport]

"I'm glad we dabble in the more private... and quiet side of things. Although it may not end up as interesting." The small bird remarked, once the pokemon duo escaped from the crowded, congested street. The Natu, perched on the Aeiria's head, had examined the many different kinds of people and creatures along the street. After a moment of silence, the bird cawed "Can you explain more about what are doing now?"

Aeiria stood and began to move in a much more eased pace through the streets. "I have heard of a new tavern that has come to Southport. It has become well known for the merchants who gather there and sell very rare goods. I have been told that Aliba has been doing dealings there in my name without my approval."

"Why don't you just fire him already?" The Natu voice trailed off towards the end of the sentence, as if he had realized something. Aeiria took a breath to speak, but before she could do so squawked in a mocking voice "Because he is of extreme value." Aeiria agreed in a short snort.

They continued on for not much longer before they reached the place they had been seeking. Aeiria, entered through the wooden doorway and into a dimly light room. She growled in frustration as Aliba was nowhere to be found. She weaved her way into a back corner. In passing one table, a strong scent of a pokemon stuck out among the many other smells. She glared under the table, then flashed a glance at the hooded figure seated at the same table. The ninetales chose the open table next to them and laid down, rather uncomfortably, across two chairs..


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